‘Proportions’ the word has a significant importance in the field of Architecture and Design, so the idea developed into a company. The architect started its own architectural practice after gaining work experience for 5 years in one of the old firm in Ahmedabad City.

Proportions started in September 2009 as a home office seeking an opportunity to prove its capability. Slowly and eventually it started taking shape and the office shifted to new premises in August, 2013.

The company is not that old and big but got a very understanding, supportive and patient clients to explore our Concepts and Ideas. While Proportions take small as well as large projects but it does not take on every project that comes its way, we are selective about our clients and projects.

Working with a small team the company effectively has a different and personal approach towards design and execution. Company provides services in Architecture, Interior and Landscape designing. Proportions also have an existence in Nasik City of Maharashtra and now spreading its roots in other regions.

Ar. Amrish S. Mandlik

Where the spirit does not work with hand there is no architecture…

Being passionate about architecture I always think of creating interesting and meaningful design concepts

Amrish Mandlik is basically from Nasik, Maharashtra. He completed his Bachelor of Architecture securing First Rank in the final year of the College of Architecture Nasik (CANS) in 2004. After graduation he came to Ahmedabad for experience in architectural field as it’s a city of master architect’s work. He joined one of the most leading Architectural firm in the city under the guidance of Architect Hiren Patel. He worked on various projects of large as well as small scale. He worked there for more than 5 years andthen with the support of his family hestarted his individual firm by the name of ‘Proportions’.

In the beginning, he started working on small interiors and architectural projects initially working from home. After a span of 3 years, he shifted his office and started forming a small team. Eventually he employed very creative and sincere team members and trainees from different regions of the India. After 5 years, proportions have consulted about 110 projects and its still going on.

Our Team

Proportions always have a straight forward approach to design solution. Our team includes very qualified architects, draftsmen and distinguished students who are competent and have extraordinary perception of field of architecture.

We have small but efficient and energetic team members who are extremely precise and meticulous about their work. We are constructive and are prepared for every contingency.

Team Members

p-1 Hardik H. Mistry, Ahmedabad
Design team Member
p-9 Nidhi Gandhi, Nagpur (Maharashtra)
Trainee June – December 2010
p-10 Apoorva Chichghare, Nagpur (Maharashtra)
Trainee June – December 2011
p-11 Samarth Patel, Jaipur (Rajasthan)
Trainee January – May 2014
p-3 Kevin Mehta, Rajkot (Gujarat)
Trainee June – December 2014
Anikyet Choudhry, Aurangabad (Maharashtra)
Trainee January – May 2015
Prateek Khandelwal, Jaipur (Rajasthan)
Trainee January – June 2015
Shaily Bhatt, Jaipur (Rajasthan)
Trainee January – June 2015
Pooja Bhattad, Jalgaon (Maharashtra)
Trainee June – October 2015
Yogesh Mule, Nashik (Maharashtra)
Trainee July – November 2015